GLAD® Oven Bags

GLAD Oven Bags make roasting faster, easier and cleaner! Made from heat resistant  polyester material, GLAD Oven Bags can be used in both fan forced and conventional ovens (maximum temperature of 180°C for fan forced ovens and 200°C for conventional ovens). With GLAD Oven Bags, roasts will cook more quickly than conventional methods and ensure meat, poultry, fish and vegetables remain moist and flavoursome. GLAD Oven Bags also save on kitchen clean-up, because all of the cooking juices are enclosed in the bag to keep oven trays and walls clean. GLAD Oven Bags are also perfect for marinating meat, seafood or poultry and can be used to cook casseroles and rice dishes such as risottos.


  • GLAD Oven Bags Regular 5 pack (25cm x 38cm)
  • GLAD Oven Bags Large 4 pack (35cm x 48cm)
  • GLAD Oven Bags XLarge 2 pack