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Meet the Glad to be Green® Range

Key Terms for Sustainability


A compostable bag is a specific biodegradable bag that breaks down when exposed to composting conditions.

Compostable plastics are generally derived from renewable materials such as starch, cellulose, lactic acid, or soy proteins.

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A bio-based bag is made from plastics derived partially or fully from renewable biomass sources rather than non-renewable oil.

In addition to being renewable, some biomass sources such as sugarcane are beneficial contributors to the carbon footprint as they absorb CO2 during their growth cycle.

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A biodegradable bag is made from plastic that disintegrates from biological activity (such as microorganisms like bacteria or fungi). The microorganisms will help the bag break down at an accelerated rate vs traditional plastics.


A degradable bag is made from a plastic that disintegrates into smaller pieces. The most common degradable bag is oxo-degradable, where a special additive is added to bag to allow for disintegration through heat and oxygen.

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