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Staying eco-friendly while on the road

TikTok star Cooking With Ayeh shares some of her best tips for staying eco-friendly on the road!

Whether you’re heading out for a day trip, road tripping through the Australian country over a long weekend, or seeing the sights abroad, travel is officially back on the agenda for many Aussies!

But it’s not always easy to be eco-friendly when on the road, which can sometimes cause environmental guilt.

Instead of relying on travel-size packs and takeaway items, create road trip worthy snacks that’ll help refuel and energise the family, stretch the holiday budget further and avoid more items ending up in landfill.

Right in the middle of her own road trip, TikTok star Cooking With Ayeh shares some of her best tips for staying eco-friendly on the road!

  1. Plan ahead

It’s a simple tip that can take you just a few minutes, but save you plenty in time, money and waste.

Before your grocery shop, sit down and plan your meals in advance. If you’re packing for a road trip, have an extra think about versatile ingredients that will stay fresh for longer periods of time and meals you can batch cook to last you multiple days.

By planning out exactly what you need to buy, you won’t end up overspending on foods you won’t consume.

This is especially useful for the days or weeks before you plan on being away from home. This way, you can avoid creating more waste before you leave and won’t need to worry about the state of your fridge after you get back home.

  1. Reuse leftovers

I love roasting any leftover vegetables and ingredients to make into sandwiches or wraps. These are super versatile and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Storing your wraps in Glad to be Green Compostable Bake Paper also keeps them in place and makes them easier to eat. You can even toast them wrapped in the Compostable Bake Paper for a warm, comforting meal.

For extra freshness, keep them fresh on the road with Glad to be Green 50% Plant Based Reseal Sandwich Bags. Produced from sugarcane and made with recycled plastics, these resealable bags can be washed and reused for a different sandwich every day.

  1. Buy in bulk

Buying foods in bulk not only saves you money but reduces the amount of package waste in your pantry and, later on, your bin.

You can buy large packets and containers of nuts, crackers and chips, which you can then portion and place into Glad to be Green 50% Plant Based Snack Reseal Bags for the perfectly portioned snack during your next road trip.

There are even some bulk food stores that let you bring your own containers, so you can store your groceries safely from the moment they enter your trolley.

  1. Never throw out spotty bananas

Relevant while at home and on the road! While bananas make a great energising snack, they very quickly go brown and mushy.

Ripe bananas are amazing additions to baked goods and can be used as a natural sweetener without sugar in cakes, muffins or a classic banana bread. I like using Glad to be Green Compostable Bake Paper to make individual muffin cups, which are also great for on the road.

Freezing ripe bananas makes them last even longer if you plan on baking at a later time. You can also add them to your smoothies for a boost of flavour!

  1. Fresh fruit and veggie sticks are underrated

Fruit and vegetables actually make great healthy snacks, especially on the road. But a lot of the time, they don’t get eaten when packed whole and on their own in a lunchbox.

The tip is to peel and slice them into easily snackable bites. Oranges and apples can be cut into segments and vegetables like carrot and celery can be cut into sticks. They can be safely stored in resealable bags such as the Glad to be Green 50% Plant Based Reseal Sandwich Bags and are easy for everyone to eat.

For extra flavour, just pair with your favourite dip!