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Glad® Wavetop Tie® Kitchen Tidy Bags Bags Small 72pk

Glad® Wavetop Tie® Kitchen Tidy Bags

Size: Small 18L 72pk

Strong Leak Proof Base

Glad® Wavetop Tie® Bags are reliable and strong with a unique 4-way tie system that makes them easy to tie up and carry out. The Wavetop Tie® enables the bags to be closed securely even when they’re full and the Leak proof base means they won’t drip when you’re carrying them out. They also prevent bad smells, with Glad® Odour Protect™ offering superior protection to help keep your kitchen and bathroom smelling fresh.

  • Leak Proof Base
  • Odour Protect® (except small)
  • 4-Way Tie System
  • Reliably Strong